Mitja Štoka

Mitja Štoka is currently in charge of the European action (CEF) called SiLNG, in which he strives for the founding of new refueling stations for LNG (liquefied natural gas) and bio-LNG trucks in Slovenia and Croatia. All of his recent career has been directly linked to sales, aimed at establishing quality sales processes, finding new sales channels and dialogue between suppliers and customers. Prior to that, he gained broad experience at AquafilSLO as purchasing and logistics manager. He believes that the alternative between freight transport fuels (as provided by liquefied natural bio gas) represents the fastest and most effective way to reduce harmful emissions from freight transport. Committing to cleaner sources of energy, raising awareness, linking companies and projects that have significant impact on a cleaner environment and are at the same time economical and efficient, are the key points of interest for Butan plin as well as for him personally. Otherwise, he is the inhabitant of Primorska region in his root and soul, a fan of culinary, sports and nature where he enjoys spending free time with his dear ones.