Mathy Stanislaus

Mr. Stanislaus is leading efforts to advance the alignment of environmental, social and economic considerations through a circular economy approach. He is a Senior Circular Economy Fellow at the World Resource Institute. He is serving as Secretariat Lead of Working on Circular Economy of the Global Battery Alliance (GBA) and advising the Platform for Accelerating Circular Economy (PACE), both currently hosting by the World Economic Forum. He served as a senior political official for the Obama Administration, serving as the Assistant Administrator at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. He led the effort to advance the transition to a circular economy through a life-cycle based sustainable materials management approach as a key effort to advance climate change mitigation. He represented the U.S. at G7 deliberations that led to the formation of the G7 Alliance for Resources Efficiency with a focus on global supply chain.

Mr. Stanislaus is an environmental lawyer and chemical engineer with over 15 plus years of experience in the environmental field in the private and public sectors.