Matej Feguš

Matej Feguš is the owner and director of the company Donar d.o.o., one of the most renowned Slovenian furniture manufacturer, which persuaded its customers all over the world with sustainable approach towards design, the use of industrial waste as a material of the future and business ethics. By sustainable product planning on the international scene the company is increasingly gaining visibility and has been chosen as an example of good practice in the field of circular economy in the EU and the LAC. Many international design awards (Red DOT, German Innovation Award, EUIPO design finalist) and the field of sustainability (Green Product Award winner) rank Donar among trendsetters in the field of sustainable planning.

As a mentor Matej Feguš works in many programs (Goodbiz, CEED, Reinovator, PKP etc), which he enriches with his experience in building trusting relationships with his clients and business partners and understanding sustainable patterns of consumption and inclusive society.

In addition to numerous awards and recognitions, he also participated in the group for the preparation of the Strategy of Slovenia 2050, was the finalist of the Gazela 2015 award, and in 2014 received the CEED Global Entrepreneur of the Year award.


Photo by: Nejc Lasic