Jeff van Dijk

Jeff van Dijk (23rd September 1966) is an experienced brand and design strategist. He is founder of OD designstudio in Rotterdam, specialized in retail, brand and packaging design. Jeff is working for many years in the business jungle of leisure, advertising and FMCG, And due to this a personal mission has grown to contribute seriously to the circular economy. Positioned in the archetypical thinking of Carl Jung, Jeff’s spot is found in a combination of the Maverick and the Jester. He is not afraid of radical change and he is at his best in taking up against what is common but not right. Furthermore he loves a good dynamic discussion with a touch of quirkiness. Jeff enjoys hiking, mountains and being in the big wide open. Last but not least, he is still sad that the great David Bowie is not amongst us anymore but happy to play his legacy every day.