Igor Kos

Igor Kos worked in private sector for different companies as project manager for real estate projects until 2014, when he entered public office as a member of Mayor’s cabinet in Maribor.

From 2014 till May 2017 he was working as head of working group on development of Integrated Sustainable Urban Development Strategy for Maribor, approved by City council in 2016. He was involved in preparation of several successful proposals for EU calls in different programs (Interreg Alpine space, Urban Innovative actions, Interreg Europe, H 2020) and in development of new business model for City of Maribor based on principles of Circular Economy – project WCYCLE.

In 2017 he started working in the new WCYCLE Institute Maribor (IWM) with specific goal of further development of Circular Economy business model for Maribor. IWM prepared Strategy for transition to Circular Economy for Maribor, approved by City Council in June 2018.

As a member of IWM he was part of consortium that wrote Roadmap for transition to Circular Economy in Slovenia, he is a member of EU Agenda – Partnership for Circular Economy and actively promotes Circular economy at international conferences.