Hilde Haex

Hilde Haex is a projectmanager at the City of Antwerp in Belgium, with a demonstrated history of working in government administration and B2B communication, focussing on entrepreneurs & innovation and sustainable business projects. From the 1st of September 2018 she joined the Circulair South team as innovation manager community & communication.

Driven by a deliberate (circular) purpose, she guides citizens of the New South district of Antwerp through their circular transition into a sustainable art of living. This community-driven approach together with technology like data analysis, home intelligence, blockchain based rewarding systems and behavioural nudging creates knowledge and incentives for change.

She believes the circular economy is a serious driving force for a sustainable living, building both natural, social and economic capital. It leads to continuous innovations and increases our overall quality of life.

It’s this positive impact that drives here in her professional and personal life.