Celine Pessers

As a category manager circular economy at the Dutch ABN AMRO Bank, Céline Pessers is a daily practitioner in moving from a linear to a circular conduct of business. She and her team in facility management regard the 150+ offices of their organisation as a Living Lab for circular change, in which they invite start-ups, students, designers and traditional suppliers to co-create new products and services in multilateral partnerships or ‘business ecosystems’.

Céline has a background in business finance and innovation, and developed organisational challenges and business model trainings around the circular economy. In her current position she seeks collaboration with peers at other companies like the Amsterdam Economic Board and Green Business Club to jointly accelerate supply chain transparency, uniformity of circularity metrics and the upscaling of promising new business models. Both from a personal ambition and in support of her organization’s purpose: Banking for better, for generations to come.