Aleksander Saša Arsenovič

Aleksander Saša Arsenovič is the Mayor of the Municipality of the city of Maribor.

He obtained a degree in law and began his career as a tennis player and owner of a tennis school near Lake Bodensee in Germany. He gained l lot of experience in the field of hospitality and tourism from 1995 to 2009 as a co-owner and manager of some restaurants in Maribor. From 1999 to 2013 he was as a co-owner and a managing director of s.Oliver brand for the former Yugoslavian countries with more than 400 full-time employees. During the 14 years of managing s.Oliver he expanded his knowledge and experience in sales, commerce and management.

Saša Arsenovič was not only concerned about the development of the company and its employees, he also constantly invested in the development of the city Maribor itself. The renovation of the buildings in the center of Maribor (hotel Maribor and restaurant Maribor) was rewarded with Stelet’s award for an exceptional contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage. His company Gosposka Gallery was proclaimed the best micro company in the region Podravje. In 2017, Saša Arsenovič launched the Maribor Friendly Home brand, linking gastronomy, culture and tourism and promoting Maribor as a touristic destination.