The Circular Change Conference is a unique opportunity to present Slovenia as a green reference country in digital Europe
Dr. Miro Cerar Minister for Foreign Affairs, former Prime Minister of Slovenia
Circular economy is a collaborative effort and it could be a collective action for a change!
Massimiano Tellini Global Head - Circular Economy at Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center
The Circular Change Conference was a wonderful event that was a celebration of the progress that has been made in driving the circular economy over the past few years.
Daniel Newton Sustainability Strategy Consultant at Accenture
The Circular Change Conference is making connections that I think are worthwhile in a way that we can help each other make a change
Sara Isaković Olympic medallist swimmer, researcher and inspirational speaker
What I like most about this conference is the energy of the people exchanging their experiences and finding common ground on the circular economy.
Herman Bavinck Program Director, Holland Circular Hotspot
I feel a lot of positive energy, when things are coming from the heart you feel really good!
Iain Gulland CEO, Zero Waste Scotland
It is developing nicely, is including more and more of the international community and each year we are discussing new topics, which is actually proving that we are moving in the right direction.
Dr. Janez Potočnik SYSTEMIQ, Co-chair at UNEP IRP, former European Commissioner for the Environment
We raise the awareness with the people, with the authorities, with the business, because at the end of the day without all stakeholders at the table, and without the people being committed to the circular change, we can never make a change.
H.E. Bart Twaalfhoven Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
I think it is a brilliant idea to bring so many country representatives together to share their experiences. What I would have like to see more of is the discussion with the audience.
Anders Wijkman Co-president of the Club of Rome, Chairman of Climate-KIC, Chairman of the Swedish Association of Recycling Industries
People come together, they exchange their views, they exchange their experiences, have sometimes a little bit controversial discussion, but that is exactly what we need.
Peter Schmidt President of the European Economic Social Committee’s (EESC) Sustainable Development Observatory
It is important that companies and the government support the initiative of Circular Change, because that is exactly what is needed to move towards circular economy.
Guido Braam Chief C-Creators, Co-owner Powered by Meaning Group
Presentation by Mr. Potočnik has been inspiring, so much useful information we have heard today - hopefully all that can help change our policies for the future.
H.E. Paolo Trichilo Ambassador of the Republic of Italy