The Conference

The international Circular Change Conference has grown into one of the key European events dedicated to circular economy. In 4 years more than 2.000 participants and over 150 international speakers from more than 30 countries shared their knowledge and fostered the transition towards circular economy. The event also serves as a high-level meeting point under the honorary sponsorship of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia.

Every year this trend-setting event offers participants, speakers and sponsors the opportunity to connect, become engaged, inspired, and up-to-date with the newest developments in the global push towards circularity.

2020, the first year in new decade is crucial for the implementation of sustainable agendas and goals already agreed on the international level – our last chance to save our planet and our civilization. How do we act here and now?

The ambition of the 5th Circular Change Conference is to mainstream the circular economy mindset on all levels of decision making and acting. The program is structured in a way to give a concrete insight into actions on three levels:

  • GLOBAL: challenges and actions addressing climate crisis and implementation of SDG’s;
    Interconnected and interdependent as we are, we need global governance to address climate crises and lead economic and societal transformation. Where does Europe stand today and what is the expected impact of the New Green Deal?
  • BUSINESS: personal responsibility and key turning points when leading the circular change;
    First hand stories of circular change-makers. Purpose driven businesses based on core values with positive economic, social and environmental impact. Co-creators of new economic paradigm shift.
  • CITIZENS: circular behaviour in everyday life – responsible production and consumption.
    Our wallet as an impactful voting power. “Buy or not to buy” – daily decisions count. Collaboration between producers and consumers for the preservation of our quality of life.

For the first time, we have partnered with the region’s premiere event for foreign policy, security and international collaboration, the Bled Strategic Forum (BSF). Visitors will have a unique opportunity to visit both events.

About BSF: After more than a decade, the Bled Strategic Forum has evolved into a leading international conference in Central and South-Eastern Europe, bringing together a diverse set of participants. The Forum focuses on engaging the participants in discussions about, and seeking out-of-the-box solutions for contemporary regional and global challenges. In addition, it provides an excellent opportunity for tailored bilateral and multilateral meetings and networking with prominent regional and global actors, and attracts heads of states, minsters, business people, academics, think tank representatives, as well as media and young leaders.

Who is this event for? Top management of public and private companies, government officials and agencies, entrepreneurs, international circular economy professionals and experts, researchers, creatives, artists, media, NGO’s, students, city authorities, start-ups, researchers, academics – for leaders of change.

The People


Ladeja Godina Košir, Executive Director of Circular Change

Sponsors and marketing:

Niko Korpar, Project Manager, Circular Change

Organisers of the Bled Strategic Forum:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
Centre for European Perspective


For general questions: [email protected]
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Bled Strategic Forum: [email protected]

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