5 events & 5 topics & 5 partnerships

Mainstreaming the
Circular Economy Mindset

The Circular Change Conference is one of key European meeting points of circular economy changemakers. This year our 5th edition has been transformed into a “roadshow” that consists of 5 events based on 5 partnerships! Within these 5 virtual sessions we are highlighting key challenges and opportunities for the Circular Transition in the perspective of Post-COVID-19 Green Recovery. 

Are YOU the leader of the change?  Your daily decision-making counts. Join us!

The final event of our 5th Circular Change Conference - ECESP Annual Conference Workshop: Circular economy roadmapping

Organizing body: European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform - 4 November 2020 (online)

The Circular Change Conference – the trend-setting annual celebration of Circular Economy in Europe

Relive the 4th Circular Change Conference.



Every circular journey starts with a leader. Your ability to inspire, engage, commit and lead makes the difference. Meet outstanding circular economy executives who are leading by example.


While we agree what has to change on all levels, approaching system change is still a challenge. Let’s jointly set the scene for mainstreaming the circular economy mindset!


Imagine the 24 hours of your day. How many circular actions do you actually take? Explore which brands are making our lives more sustainable.


Transformative pathways demand radical collaboration among different stakeholders. Existing and emerging networks are co-creating playgrounds based on shared values and goals.


This year, the Circular Change Conference is spread over 5 events over a period of few months. Registrations are taking place for each module separately.

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Connecting SDG's, Paris Agreement, European Green Deal, new Circular Economy Action Plan and many concrete actions on the ground into one common story of systemic transformation in the EU and globally.

From reporting to managing

The number of reports and analysis available is vast. Now it’s time to start managing truly systemic transformative processes.

From managing to leading

Only Crisis management will be able to address the climate crisis. Leadership skills shall lead the change.

From leading to empowering

Leading by example is what engages and empowers people to step out of the comfort zone.

From empowering to living

To be empowered as individuals, we must rethink our values and start living more sustainable lives.

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